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Campo al Fico, 2013 Bolgheri DOC Superiore

We initiated our lives as viticulturists or wine growers in the area of Bolgheri in the year 2000. Our decision didn’tbegin with a market analysis but rather from an impulse that led  us to channel all of our energy into one, unequivocal project without any alternative. The point of departure was that of creating a vineyard and a wine without making any compromises, that mirrored our characters. In other words, quality isn’t simply a goal, it’s an intrinsic element of our commitment and it’s fundamental.

    Nome del vino:        CAMPO AL FICO 2013
    Denominazione:       DOC Bolgheri Superiore
    Vitigni:                      80% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Cabernet Franc
    Fermentazione:        Naturlig gæring i ståltanke i ca. 20 dage
    Invecchiamento:       Franske egetræsfade i minimum 20 mån. samt 10 mån. på flaske
    Abbinamenti:            Rødt kød, grillet eller stegt, lam, kraftige gryderetter samt modne oste.
Lev. :
1-2 dage
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Pris ved 1stk 329,00 DKK